Save the Bay Coalition joins GCAN

Save the Bay Coalition has joined the Global Cruise Activist Network (GCAN), which is calling for cruise industry changes and demanding the cruise industry does not return to business as usual once cruise ships start sailing again in large numbers after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Global Cruise Activist Network (GCAN) logo

GCAN gives Save the Bay Coalition a voice and allies internationally. Network members share ideas and support fellow campaigners battling cruise terminal developments that threaten the social fabric of communities and the environment. Through GCAN, we are able to:

  • better understand how ports and cruise terminals are being financed
  • share what works for community-led air and water pollution monitoring
  • learn from locations dealing with referendums and legal actions
  • track where and when cruise ships are returning.

Despite the Berejiklian Government’s announced delay in its planning for a third Sydney cruise ship terminal, and despite the cruise industry remaining in crisis mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that the work goes on in the background to develop the proposal for a mega-cruise ship terminal at Yarra Bay.

To see an inspiring gallery of actions being taken by cruise industry affected communities around the globe, visit GCAN’s new web site here.

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