More of the same from NSW Government & Port Authority

The Port Authority of NSW has responded to Maria Poulos’ recent letter:

What do we learn from this letter?

  • The NSW Government remains committed to evaluating a cruise terminal in Yarra Bay, and therefore to enabling the cruise industry’s expansion plans for Sydney.
  • The Cruise Capacity Detailed Business Case (DBC) has been placed on hold for a period of up to 18 months. Note that this means work on the business case could be reactivated at any time – and if the cruise industry has its way, development of the business case could be under way again by the last quarter of this year.
  • The Strategic Business Case will not be publicly released, with the standard excuse of Cabinet in Confidence status being offered to keep it secret from the communities deeply affected by its conclusions and recommendations.
  • Despite the Port Authority’s claim to be committed to industry and community engagement, they will not make public any data or conclusions from their consultation to date. Their excuse is that “with all industry and community engagement suspended, unfortunately we are not able to complete the Early Consultation Outcomes report”.

In spite of every public health disaster that has occurred in the cruise industry in 2020 – with devastating consequences for Australia and Australians – it is just more of the same from the NSW Government and their cruise industry enabling agency, the Port Authority of NSW.

Not satisfied with Brad Milner’s response? If you have the time, please express your concern and dissatisfaction to Brad Milner ( and Ingrid Emery (, or to Chief Executive Officer Philip Holliday (

If you prefer post to email, the address is:

PO Box 25
Millers Point
New South Wales 2000

One thought on “More of the same from NSW Government & Port Authority

  1. It is absolutely essential that as many members as possible keep on writing to these people!
    There is nothing more than they would like to think we have “gone to sleep” or believe the terminal won’t happen because of COVID 19,(don’t be lulled into a false sense of security!)
    They need to see other names on letters other than those of the Committee!


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