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Save Yarra Bay Coalition is excited to announce publication of our newsletter – Click here to view issue 1.

The newsletter is designed to complement our other communications and to chronicle the struggle so far.

Time is running out as the New South Wales Government forges ahead with its plans while ignoring the voice of the people it claims to represent.

In this edition of the newsletter, we explain why the New South Wales Government has established a rumour tree to make people think there is no point in fighting this ridiculous proposal. We show why this is not true – the proposal is far from a done deal – and we suggest there is every reason in the world to keep on fighting this unsafe, wasteful and destructive proposal that is shaping up to be a huge burden on the New South Wales taxpayer.

Thinking of joining us to say NO to a mega cruise ship terminal at Yarra Bay? Find out how you can be part of our massive flotilla protest on 15 March.

Yours in People Power

Maria Poulos
for Save the Bay Coalition

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