Event information for protest participants – Sunday 22 March

Event information

Can you join us on Sunday 22 March at Yarra Bay from 11:30 to 2:00 for a water and beach protest against the New South Wales Government’s proposed mega cruise ship terminal in Yarra Bay?

If you can make it, please read the following event information:

This information is the result of a lot of hard work, detailed planning and risk assessment. It is made available to enable you to have a safe and enjoyable day alongside the many other protesters we are expecting at Yarra Bay on Sunday 22 March. Please read it, and take it with you on the day.

Event schedule

  • 0930 Marker buoys are laid to define the best view for the highlight photos. Radio coverage on VHF 77 commences.
  • 1000 Flotilla vessels start moving into position – please follow the directions of Yarra Bay Sailing Club “Flotilla Official” boats
  • 1130 Beach goers start assembling on the beach
  • 1200-1215 Singer Chris Carpenter performs a medley of “Save Yarra Bay” protest songs outside the sailing club’s lower bar
  • 1215-1300 Welcome to Country. Brief speeches from Randwick City Mayor Danny Said, Bayside Mayor Joe Awada, our local members of parliament Matt Thistlethwaite and Michael Daley and Save Yarra Bay Coalition representative Maria Poulos.
  • 1300-1310 Flotilla highlight – all vessels and beach side participants sound horns, wave banners and make as much noise as possible to create the perfect photo opportunity!
  • 1310-1330 Chris Carpenter performs a medley of “Save Yarra Bay” protest songs outside the club’s lower bar
  • 1330 Flotilla protest concludes – thanks for showing the New South Wales Government that we care what happens to Yarra Bay!
  • 1330 Flotilla disperses. To reduce the risk of collisions, please follow the directions of YBSC Flotilla Official boats. Thanks to Marine Rescue NSW, Yarra Bay Sailing Club, NSW Maritime and Water Police for keeping us safe!

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