Your Voice, Your Vote, Your Beach

Back in September 2022 there was some bad news for Yarra Bay. The CEO of the Port Authority, Phillip Holliday said this at a conference to senior cruise executives: “Some people have suggested that, with a new government, we might look again at Garden Island, but I don’t believe that is a real possibility. So that leaves Yarra Bay. We are starting to see capacity issues raised again now that ships are back – so I think it is something to consider, possibly for next season.

We are dusting off our gloves, the fight has resumed to Save Yarra Bay, with Bayside and Randwick Council vowed to fight alongside us. In the lead up to the NSW election it’s time to have this project shelved once and for all. Thank you for your continued support and here’s how you can TAKE ACTION NOW. If you want to catch up with the SAVE YARRA BAY COALITION team, we will have stand at the upcoming Yarra Bay Family Fun Day,  11am – 3pm on Saturday 4th March at Bicentennial Park. We would love you to stop by and say HELLO!

One thought on “Your Voice, Your Vote, Your Beach

  1. It is vital we round up as many people as possible to fight this.
    Let’s really do something positive for the environment and take a stand, this is one of the last pieces of paradise we have left in this area, we must ensure it stays a paradise.

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