Yarra Bay water and beach protest – 15 March

Please join us on Sunday 15 March from 11:30 at Yarra Bay for an on-water and beach protest against the NSW Government’s proposal to build a mega cruise ship terminal at a highly dangerous and environmentally destructive location in Yarra Bay.

The Final Business Case for the proposal will be completed mid-year and a decision made by Cabinet on spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to ruin one of Sydney’s precious bays and beaches for the benefit of the Royal Caribbean shipping company.

We only have a few months to make our voices heard and demonstrate community outrage! It is now or never to Fight for the Bay! Now or never to stop the next instalment of madness from the people who brought you the Light Rail Fiasco!

On 15 March, we aim to fill Yarra Bay with a protest flotilla that includes anything that is safe to float! Especially the sailing dinghies, catamarans, kayaks, canoes, inflatables, surfboards, paddleboards, speedboats, surfboats, launches, dinghies, tinnies, dragon boats, swan boats and outriggers that find Yarra Bay to be a splendid venue for all sorts of sporting and recreational activities.

If you aren’t one to venture onto the water, bring signs and banners, towels, tents and umbrellas to contribute to an on-beach installation and other events.

The day will culminate in a photo/drone capture at 1 PM when all the pleasure craft are on the water and in place – and a few words from our local leaders!

If you are bringing anything that floats (decorated with protest banners if possible), it will help us to plan if you can let our flotilla manager Chris know – just send an email to Flotilla_Registration@outlook.com with the Subject line “15 March protest” and include:

  • vessel name
  • radio fitted UHF/VHF
  • radio call sign
  • vessel owner’s name
  • mobile contact no.
  • club
  • launching from
  • ETA Yarra Bay
Three views of Yarra Bay in January; images courtesy Nuria Utiya, Chris Kitamura, Camille Gee

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