Environmental presentation at Community Forum

Due to technical problems, we were unable to show John Turnbull’s superb photos of Botany Bay’s remarkable marine life during his presentation at the Save Yarra Bay Community Forum on Sunday 17 November.

John has kindly made his presentation available for publication – click here to view it.

John Turnbull holds a Masters degree in Marine Science Management, an MBA and a Bachelor of Engineering. He is currently a Researcher at the University of NSW, studying for a PhD in the fields of marine ecology, social values and citizen science.

John is President of the Underwater Research Group of NSW. He is a dedicated Marine Explorer – inspiring people, engaging communities and protecting our marine environment.

John’s amazing albums of underwater photography around Botany Bay are open for all to view on flickr:

Everything John has photographed is at risk should a mega cruise ship terminal be built in Yarra Bay.

Thought for parents – John’s photos are a great resource for school projects – and for teaching the young about what we have to lose.

Please note: all of John’s photographs are licensed Creative Commons Non-Commercial with Attribution, which means anyone can download and use them for non-commercial purposes as long as they attribute them – that is, accompany them with text (for example in a caption) that says they are John Turnbull’s photographs.

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