Community responds to Port Authority land grab

The Save Yarra Bay stall at today’s (Sunday, 22 September) Randwick City Eco-Living Expo was overwhelmed with support from members of the community.

There was a phenomenal amount of interest and concern. Everyone who spoke to us is horrified by the Port Authority of NSW and NSW Government proposed land and sea grab and their complete disregard for the wishes of the local community. Not a single person who talked to us saw merit in the proposal.

It was a very positive day. The whole expo event was great and we were 100% heartened by support from the community. Watch out Port Authority your plans for Yarra Bay are unacceptable to the people who live in Randwick City and Bayside Council areas.

The Berejiklian government is the ultimate driver of the extravagant and destructive proposal to deliver a mega cruise ship terminal on behalf of their patrons, the foreign owned cruise lines. However they have nominated Port Authority of NSW as the manager of their campaign, so at this point you may find it appropriate to express your opinions to the Port Authority at the following email address:

One thought on “Community responds to Port Authority land grab

  1. For those of us working there yesterday the response was so heartening!
    Very touching was the interest and concern of children. After all, it is they who will inherit this planet!

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