Bayside Council opposes Yarra Bay cruise ship terminal

At the regular monthly Meeting of Bayside Council on Wednesday 10 July 2019, a motion on the Berejiklian government’s proposed Yarra Bay mega cruise ship terminal was moved by Councillor Christina Curry and seconded by Councillor Scott Morrissey. The motion (below) was passed unanimously.

Great work Councillors Christina Curry and Scott Morrissey. And thank you, Bayside Council for your support once again.

Both Councils directly impacted by the mega cruise ship terminal – Bayside and Randwick City – have now passed unanimous motions opposing the proposal. Will the Berejiklian government listen?

The motion and background concerning the terminal’s impact on Bayside Council communities and beaches were reported in the St George and Sutherland Shire Leader.

In an article entitled Another blow to Sydney’s second cruise terminal, web site appears to be finally communicating the message that Sydney does not want a mega cruise ship terminal that will ruin one of its precious beaches and sailing bays and cause congestion and air pollution in neighbouring suburbs.

Thank you Christina, Scott and Bayside Council for helping to get the message through to the cruise industry.

The article also points out that:

“In the coming cruise season, many lines like Princess Cruises have put a record number of ships at ports around the country to try and offset the capacity issues in New South Wales.”

Save Yarra Bay encourages the cruise industry to continue with this regional strategy which benefits regional cities and towns and reduces cruise industry pressure on Sydney.

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