Port Botany is congested NOW – without cruise ships

Botany Road, in the vicinity of the Berejiklian government’s proposed mega cruise ship terminal, is already extremely busy in daylight hours.

If a mega cruise ship terminal is jammed into this already overcrowded precinct, expect extreme traffic congestion, frustration, accidents, delayed starts to bus excursions and bus excursions reaching the dock after ships have departed.

Queues build rapidly at peak times and when there is a delay within a terminal.

Semi-trailers approaching from both directions on Botany Road queue to enter the DP World terminal.
Semi-trailers queue in Botany Rd, waiting to enter the DP World terminal.
Queue in Botany Rd for the DP World terminal.

We predict that the mega cruise ship terminal will be at the end of Bumborah Point Road. Coinciding with morning and evening peaks, two mega cruise ships at a Yarra Bay terminal would require around 100 coaches to enter and leave Bumborah Point Road each morning and evening.

Right hand turns into an out of Bumborah Point Road are already very busy with container and bulk liquids truck movements – and STA buses from the Port Botany bus depot trying to keep to timetable. Coaches, taxis, Ubers, private vehicles and delivery vans and trucks will all have to join the queues.

Semi-trailers and an STA bus queue in Botany Rd, waiting to enter Bumborah Point terminals and the STA Port Botany depot.

2 thoughts on “Port Botany is congested NOW – without cruise ships

  1. Peter Absolutely right except that 100 coaches will be required for EACH ship when you factor in passengers and crew. Recently docked at the Singapore terminal, relatively new with the Mass Rapid Transit nearby and like last year, chaotic. It is impossible to imagine Botany/Yarra Bay being able to handle one let alone two ships berthing.

    A straw poll of passengers on our current cruise was that there is disbelief they would travel to Sydney and be berthed anywhere other than at Sydney Harbour. Most thought I was pulling their leg about the proposed terminal. But the cruise companies would embrace a terminal 15 k’s away from Sydney’s main attractions as it would ensure a massive take up on their very profitable shore excursions. Dennis Hourn


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